Water Damaged Floor Repair

Leaks from your air conditioner, standing water, and severe storms in Indianapolis, can all damage your
hardwood flooring. That’s why it’s essential to take quick action to remove water from your hardwood
floor in order to minimize the long-term damage that could be done. The first step in preserving the
integrity of your hardwoods is to call in the professionals at DJ Hardwood Flooring. We have years of
experience handling wood floor water damage, and we would be more than happy to put our repair and
restoration knowledge to work for your Water Damaged Floor Repair.

We'll extract the water right away and start using a special drying method for hardwood floors with
high-pressure equipment. In this way, your hardwood floors will be dried and you will avoid the
inconvenience and additional cost of replacement. The sooner we can start, the less damage you will have
to deal with in the days following the water incident. There are many types of molds, mildew, and
viruses that can develop if you leave your floors untreated – mold and mildew are especially dangerous
elements of water damaged floor. Our licensed professionals are ready to eliminate mold and restore
your flooring.

If the proper steps are taken, retention of water damaged flooring is possible. The first step, as always, is
to remove the water source. Once the flood is over, the fire is out, and the pipes are repaired, the next
step in Water Damaged Floor Repair is to properly dry the many different types of floors – such as
hardwoods, vinyl, and laminate. At DJ Hardwood Flooring, we understand that water damage is one of
the most difficult types of damage to deal with. Whether it’s a small spill or a large flood, we have the
experience and expertise to get your flooring looking good as new again. To restore your water
damaged flooring in Indianapolis and surrounding areas choose DJ Hardwood Flooring specialists.

Call us at (317) 946-5408 to help limit the damage by immediately beginning the water damage
restoration and drying of your hardwood floors. Restoring your hardwood floors promptly can make the
difference between getting on with your life and having to replace your lovely flooring.