Hardwood Floor Repair

DJ Hardwood Flooring is Indianapolis preferred choice for reliable Hardwood Floor Repair. Our
craftsmen work exclusively on hardwood floors and have the knowledge and skills needed to provide
superior results at a cost-effective price. With many years of experience and thousands of satisfied
residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis, we are the perfect choice to handle wood floor repair
projects of any size. We are experts in wood floor replacement and can have your flooring repaired and
look brand new in no time. We work with all types of wood floors and can usually complete our repairs
in less than a day.

Hardwood Floor Repair services are generally needed when a floors boards become cupped, crowned,
cracked, broken, warped, burnt, urine stained, water damaged, or termite damaged–all of which can’t
be fixed with standard refinishing. Regardless of the cause or extent of the damage, the highly skilled
craftsmen at DJ Hardwood Flooring are available to repair it. We’ll come to your home or business to
assess the damage to your floors. We will determine how many boards need to be replaced, what kind of
wood will be needed, and how much the repairs will cost. We will also look for moisture concerns, subfloor
difficulties, improperly sized floors, and other issues that could be causing early or excessive wear and
tear. We can help prevent future repairs by identifying these issues.

At DJ Hardwood Flooring, we understand that your floors are a major investment in your home. We
always recommend repairs that we believe are in our client’s best interests. We are happy to provide
our hardwood floor repair replacement services with refinishing services, and we frequently take on jobs
that other flooring contractors consider too small. We will deliver unmatched service and great
workmanship for high-quality wood floor repairs. Call DJ Hardwood Flooring today to schedule your free